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Women Self-help groups (SHGs)
2 women self-help groups with membership of 25 Trained, and had access to provision of “Seed Money”. This has not only augmented the spirit of savings among South Sudanese women  but also under scored peaceful co-existence because the members represented the different ethnic groups in Narus Payam.

One of the community leaders during a peace building discussion meetings, June, 2016
Improvement of Traditional Early Warning Systems.
Build community capacity of the CMDRR leadership withstand disaster shock and be able to bounce back throughimproved traditional early warning systems. (CMDRR
Promote peaceful Co-existence among communities
Narus Payam is predominantly occupied by the Toposa tribe as the largest in Greater Kapoeta. However, there are many minority tribes that happened to have settled in Narus during the long civil war while others have just taken refuge in the area because of the 2013 crises.  The minority groups survive by petty business or manual labour especially in construction and farming. These groups tend to socialize within their own tribal affiliations with little integration with others.
The creation of new States and political boundaries has even created more division than unity. RAAH conducted a number of roundtable discussions with representatives of all the social and economic groups to provide opportunity to tape from the wealth of this diversity to create an enabling environment for peaceful co-existence and economic development. In one meeting over 75 participants attended, and 173 in the second and 65 in the 3rd meetings.  The outcome of these peace building meetings resulted into formation of women groups with representation from all the willing social and economic groups.  Heads of departments at the government level pledged to continue walking the talk on peaceful co-existence
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Rural Action Against Hunger
Building a Resilient Community in South Sudan
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