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Food Security and Livelihoods

RAAH builds and strengthens the capacities of communities in food production, sources of livelihoods by supporting initiatives that increase the area of land under cultivation, improve animal and fishing production, support activities to diversify sources of livelihoods, increase access to appropriate agricultural practices, reduce post-harvest losses and increase marketing of agricultural produce and support utilization of nutritious local food sources to increase household for a healthy community. RAAH also strengthens agriculture value chains and linkages through farmer cooperatives unions and agri-business opportunities for viable and sustainable livelihoods.

Health and Nutrition

RAAH promotes primary health care, Immunizations, Covid 19 awareness, awareness on non-communicable diseases, ante and postnatal care/maternal/child health, family planning services, HIV/AIDS, T.B awareness, Health Information data collection and dissemination etc. RAAH in addition promotes family health through preventive Nutrition awareness- screening of SAM and MAM cases, and treatment of the cases. The health and nutrition programs/services are delivered through static and offsite community-based health facility and community outreach points and village/Boma health initiatives.

Rural Based Technology and Innovation

This sector promotes activities that stimulate the communities to encourage and engage in developing, learning and using technologies that can enable them solve some of their problems. This shall include the application of strategies such ad Transfer of Technologies (TOT), use of appropriate technology in the community and advocating for community-based technologies to enhance community sustainability.

Trusted since 2005

RAAH is an acronym for Rural Action Against Hunger (RAAH), a National Non-Governmental Humanitarian and Development Christian organization founded by a team of Committed and Professional South Sudanese in Exile in Uganda in 2004. While in Uganda the organization was operating under the umbrella of International Non-Governmental Organizations under the Chair of International Aid Sweden (IAS) / International Aid Services, now called LM International operating here in South Sudan, and a member of the NGOs Forum.

In 2005 RAAH was officially registered as a National Non-governmental Organization under the Company Act, 2003. To date RAAH has a strong foundation with the Head office in Juba (Hai Rock City), CES and field coordination offices in Maridi (WES), and Kapoeta East County (EES)
Henry Taban, Solomon, Executive Director.

Our Service Sectors


At all times RAAH advocate for girl child education, adult education, boy child education and school dropout targeted skilling/vocational activities for self-employment.

Recovery and Resilience Building

This department aims at reducing vulnerability, increasing resilience and inclusive, secure and cohesive communities that are healthy, capable and productive. The department applies a partner driven approach

Rural Based Technology and Innovation

These are activities that stimulate the communities to encourage and engage in developing, learning and using technologies that can enable solve some of their problems.

Women and youth skills development

RAAH works in partnership with disempowered women/youth within the communities such as the widows, women with disabilities, young mothers, single mothers to promote self-reliance by improving and diversifying their livelihoods and to build their capacities and skills.

Protection and Care

RAAH respond to protection needs of children, women, girls, elderly, PLWDs and the terminally ill through a Human Rights-Based Approach, gender neutrality, inclusion and active participation.


RAAH’s WASH unit advocates for implementation of safe water chain system with interventions aimed at saving lives and reducing communicable illness through access to safe and clean water, equip pump mechanics and community water user committees with cost recovery operation and maintenance principles.

A peaceful and prosperous society free from hunger and poverty

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Mission Statement

To promote self-reliance and assist the rural population to invest in their future through peace-humanitarian-development nexus interventions and multi-stakeholder approach.


Is RAAH legally registered?
Yes. RAAH is a registered National Non-governmental Organization (NNGO) with office of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), Reg No. 357, in the Republic of South Sudan.
Catholic Organization for Relief Development and Aid (CORDAID)
Malteser International/BMZ
Food Agriculture Organization
International Organization for Migration
Rapid Response Fund

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